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July 4, 2012
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Tyrannosaurus rex TF Solo

Jason smashed hard against the stone wall of the cavern as the beam of green energy flowed into his chest. He slid down the wall and moaned in pain as the energy continued to enter into his body. Jason could feel the ancient energy flowing throughout his entire body; tingling as it circulated through him. He was in a great amount of pain from when the energy hit him, but he managed to slowly bring himself to his feet.

Looking back at the pillar, he noticed that the energy had stopped flowing into him. However, he could still feel it dwell beneath his skin. Jason felt more of the energy pulsing into his feet, making it somewhat difficult to stand. A sudden pressured pain feeling started on both of his feet. Looking down, Jason was completely shocked at what he saw.

The shoes on his feet were being strained from his feet suddenly growing in size. They didn't last for long, as they practically exploded off of his feet to reveal a horrifying sight. Jason's toes were in the midst of fusing into three while both of his feet grew in size. The bones and muscles within Jason's feet cracked and popped as they grew larger, creating an intense amount of pain. Jason was too much in shock to even say anything as his feet continued to change.

Once his toes were fully fused together, Jason grunted in pain as they grew in length a large amount. While looking closer, he gasped at the sight of his nails becoming large razor sharp claws. While the claws continued to grow, Jason felt that it was getting somewhat difficult to balance on his growing feet. He was leaning much far forward due to his back slowly beginning to hunch. Jason's weight was pushed down on the balls of his feet, and he was rather surprised that he was able to balance himself in such a stance.

By now, there was nothing human left about Jason's feet. They were extremely larger than his former human feet. Before he could even say anything, Jason felt another growing pain develop in every part of his legs. Jason looked back down to see his jeans being strained just like his shoes did, and of course, an intense pain flowing from his legs as they began to change.

Jason's jeans were no match for his growing legs, as they ripped off. Every single bone was becoming much larger, and was making Jason a lot taller than ever. He tightly gripped his clawed feet into the ground to keep himself balance, but even yet, it was a challenge. The upper section of his legs grew a massive amount while the mid and lower sections did the same, forcing Jason to bend forward. His legs had grown so much that even when bending over, he was very far from the ground.

He grunted in pain as the muscles in his legs expanded, adding tremendous strength to the limbs. The muscles in the upper legs were the largest, which added a large amount of weight to Jason as well. Jason noticed that his ankles had grown largely in size, making it a very difficult challenge to stand on his expanding legs. He tried to bend his large knees, but the pain that surged through him was making that impossible to do. Just as Jason was about to fall over, an extreme pulling pain from his backside stopped him.

Screaming, Jason looked over himself and was jaw dropped on what he saw. A large, thick tail was beginning to grow from his spine. Due to large size of Jason's new tail, it not only made his legs farther apart, but it made the rest of his lower body expand. The bones in Jason's upper legs grew upwards and locked in place next to his growing spine. Due to his tail acting as a counter weight, Jason was now able to stand steadily. However, his large legs were wobbling from the pain still traveling through them.

Jason looked back behind his large body and noticed that his tail was now fully grown. Giving it a small wag, he felt very strange doing so. Jason felt that the pain that once traveled through his legs had stopped, for they were now fully grown. Jason was now much taller, and he had a feeling that he would become even taller than he is now. Something about his tail and his legs looked shockingly familiar to something he had seen before. Before he could place a thought on it, a sudden pain in his torso erupted, derailing his train of thought as the transformation went on.

Grunting loudly, Jason's shirt was torn off of him as his torso began to grow massively in size. Jason's spinal cord grew and thickened, now providing full balance support as he continued to grow. Jason felt his body get much heavier from his growing torso, but, his muscular legs easily took on the growing weight. On the inside of his body, all of internal organs changed and expanded with his body. Jason's ribcage grew very large in size, contributing to the rest of his growing torso. Each rib grew to a massive size due to his expanding lungs. For a moment, Jason thought he wouldn't be able to breathe, but amazingly, he continued to breathe just fine.

While his torso continued to grow, Jason looked down at his arms as they began to change. In harmony, both of his arms became slightly shorter and scrawny. His shoulder blades grew vastly in size, thickening his upper back and fully connecting his arms to his new, muscular shoulders. Jason simply watched as the fingers on his hands fused into three and grew black claws on the end of each one. Once his arms were fully changed, Jason's torso was nearly completely grown. Looking at his massive body, Jason suddenly realized what it resembled. The ancient predator of the dinosaur ages. Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jason's upper torso had widened too much for him to see his entire body. All he could see were his large dinosaur feet. For a moment, Jason thought that his neck and head were going to be the next things to change. However, a tingling sensation on his feet told him otherwise. Looking down at his feet, Jason was awed at the sight of large green scales beginning to encase his feet.

The pure green scales quickly covered his feet and began to climb up his dinosaur legs. Jason shivered at the feeling of the developing scales while they grew. Once the scale began to cover his tail, Jason felt a sudden pain erupt inside of his neck and head. Jason yelled in pain as his neck began to widen and grow largely in length. By now, he knew that the energy that was forced into his body was causing the transformation, all he wanted to know is how he was going to live his life as a dinosaur. Jason's neck finally reached its full size, for his head was the only human thing left of him.

By now, the scales had reached his arms and were beginning to cover his neck. Another large pain swelled in his head, as the final part of the transformation began. Extreme agony pulsed in his head as it began to expand a massive amount. Jason's hair fell out as his head grew. A large amount of pain filled his jaw and nose. Looking out in front of him, he watched in horror as his mouth and nose began to grow out.

The teeth in Jason's mouth grew in length and size before becoming razor sharp and his tongue elongated and widened to a large size to fit his new mouth. His mouth grew not only in length, but in width, which completely changed the shape of his skull. Jason's nose fused to his upper jaw and shrank into two nostrils at the end of his upper jaw. Rather than yelling, Jason let out an ear shattering roar as his head continued to change. By now, his head was beginning to become covered in green scales, progressively removing his still human skin.

Jason's head was now very large in size. His human ears had vanished from visibility and became simple holes on the side of his head. Due to his mouth growing, it made his eyes move to the sides of his head. A long ridge formed above his eyes and ran down halfway on his upper jaw. The backside of his head had completely changed, now easily fitting into his large neck. Jason's eyes grew in size, making the white in them become a vibrant orange and his pupils became narrow slits. Jason's head looked exactly like a T-Rex's now, with a few smaller expansions occurred to finish the transformation. Jason was no longer a human anymore, but rather a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Before he could do anything, Jason's mind began to change. All of his human memories began to flush away as the mind of a T-Rex was put in place. Within moments, his mind had permanently become that of a T-Rex. The large dinosaur let out a triumphant roar as his mind ancient mind began to fully activate. He looked towards the center of the chamber, and noticed that the pillar was shooting a red wave of energy to the hole in the top.

In curiosity, the T-Rex slowly made his way towards the pillar. As he walked, the massive feet of the beast smashed into the ground, creating a loud thumping noise. The dinosaur, however, was used to the constant thumping of his feet. He knew that he was a vicious beast of the past, and he also wanted to regain that former glory. When the dinosaur got to the pillar below him, he looked to where the energy was shooting up.

Suddenly, a rumbling sound began to echo throughout the cavern. Looking at the ceiling, the T-Rex noticed that the ceiling was beginning to crumble away. Large chunks of rocks began to fall from the top of the cavern. The dinosaur ducked down to prevent getting hit in the head by one of the large rocks. The collapsing lasted for a short while, and when it stopped, the T-Rex looked back up and was pleased at what he saw.

The landscape of the Cretaceous period was spread out around him. The T-Rex now felt at home, for this was his land to thrive on. A rumble started up in his belly, and the dinosaur knew what that meant. Letting out a loud roar, the T-Rex began making his way through the jungle he called his home to hunt for food.
Yay, my first dinosaur TF! (Which is why I used the most common one to turn someone into. xD)

To be honest, I kinda like how this turned out. The ending is a little rushed, but other than that, I'd say it's not that bad. I don't know a whole lot about dinosaurs, or a T-Rex in general, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some factual errors in here. Feel free to point them out if you find any.

Hopefully, I'll do more dinosaur TFs in the future.

Hope you like it!
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kaijuboy899 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2014
Can you make a female Tyrannosaurs rex transformation story
growlum-the-awesome Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Wow that was a really great story! Although there was one tiny error in that T Rex eyes weren't exactly on the side of their head, but at this weird angle that allowed them to still see directly in front of them.
StarfallVulpixGirl Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My favorite Dino tf story! I love it!
Firework154 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :3
StarfallVulpixGirl Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome! XD
CannibalPredator Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Great story.
The only "factual error" that I noticed was that you said his fingers fused into three per hand, Tyrannosaurs only have two fingers per hand.
Other than that: Well done!
MrTherandomguy42 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was incredible. Detailed as always you made this. I do hope you do another Dino TF one day. That would be pretty neat :D
Firework154 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I most likely will do another dinosaur TF. I just gotta find another doable one and I'll begin on it.
1Ace1000 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Best choice made! :iconihappycameplz: Although, I would have to say that a "total" mental change is kind of overused when it comes to your stories... :iconimthinkingplz:
Firework154 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
But in this situation, it kinda works. xD
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