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Grovyle TF Request

Ryan anxiously looked up at the clock above the door in the classroom. The red hand slowly made its way around the clock ticking at every black line on the edge of the clock. 9th hour always went by slowly for Ryan, especially when his mind is caught up on something totally unrelated to the lesson in progress. He sighed as the teacher blabbered on about Pearl Harbor; information that Ryan already knew.

Ryan was a bit of the anti social type. He didn't have a whole lot of friends and the very few he did have were never around to see him. Ryan was also a big gamer, mainly focused on Pokémon. Ryan owned many Pokémon games and other merchandise such as figurines and posters. The series had always been a major part of his life, considering he got into Pokémon when he was about four.

"Ryan! Are you focusing?" The teacher suddenly, catching Ryan off guard.

Snapping back into reality, Ryan quickly looked up at the teacher starring directly at him, as well as the other kids who turned their heads to do the same as the teacher.

"Eh... yeah." Ryan said, his face turning red.

"Ah. Well then, would you like to tell us the Oklahoma's fate?" He asked.

"Capsized." Ryan said, sighing.

"Humph! Just keep your head up." The teacher said, returning to the front of the room.

After a few minutes of boredom, a loud blare suddenly rang out. The school bell rang for a moment as students began to shoot up from their seats and herd towards the door. Ryan quickly bolted up from his seat and paced himself out the door of the classroom and into the already crowded hallway.

Ryan sighed and looked down at the ground, not wanting to make eye contact with anybody around him. As he made his way through, he heard the voices of people talking around him. The words that they spoke were mere gibberish to Ryan; even though he could hear them clearly. Ryan hated the common society life style. He hated people judging him based on what he thought and did. In all, Ryan just simply wanted to escape from reality and begin anew.

Little did he know that it was going to happen.

After pushing through a large crowd of other high school students, he had finally made his way to the main doors of the school. Pushing them open, Ryan was instantly greeted by a sharp beam of bright sunlight. Ryan put his arm over his forehead and began walking down the concrete steps of the school.

"Hey Ryan!" A sudden voice called out from behind Ryan. A voice in which Ryan knew well.

"Corey; my good friend. Sneaking up from behind as always I see." Ryan said, turning around to face his friend.

"You know me. Hey, did you order those things that I told you about?" Corey asked.

"Fuck yeah! You think I would miss out on something like that? Kinda odd on how they were selling two of them though. Not to mention how cheap they were."

"Who cares? It's a fucking one of a kind collectable item. I mean, come on? Grovyle leaf blades? Who wouldn't want them?'

"The people who think Pokémon is lame."

"Yeah, you're right. Well, shit. I think mine was supposed to come today. Hell, maybe yours is here as well. I gotta go. See ya!" And with that, Corey turned to the right and darted down the sidewalk.

Ryan smirked and turned left, heading towards his house in excitement and hope that his package would be there waiting for him. He gazed up into the sky and watched as the sun began to turn the sky into a brilliant blood red as he walked home. Ryan was thinking about what he said to Corey, on how the blades were so cheap. He began to have a small fear of regret. However, his positive hopes pushed the regret away as Ryan came onto his home street.

After walking for a bit more, he came upon his house and instantly looked at the front step to see if his package arrived. A brown cardboard box was on top of the doormat smack in front of the front door. Ryan's eyes widened in excitement, as he quickly ran across the lawn towards the front steps of his home. He stopped right at the box and kneeled on the ground to inspect it.

Ryan was immediately confused when he saw no signs of labeling on the box anywhere. Not even a company logo of any sort. However, Ryan didn't care much for that factor, for he was much too eager to inspect the contents of the box. As he picked it up, he noticed it was rather light for a box its size. He simply shrugged it off, as he made his way inside of his home.

"Ryan! That package came for you today. I didn't even see the delivery man drop it off though." Ryan's mother called out from another room.

"Yeah, I have it. I'm going to go and open it up now." Ryan said, taking off his shoes and heading to the staircase.

"Alright, just remember to do your homework. And also, tonight is get your own dinner night. I won't be home to make it so go and help yourself to whatever we got." She said.

"Okay." Ryan replied, halfway up the stairs.

Ryan's mind was still slightly tangled on the strange instances that came with his package. The low price, the odd amount of them, no labeling, no delivery man. It all seemed slightly suspicious to him, as he glanced down at the package. Either way, Ryan wanted to see what he was dealing with, as he opened the door to his room and quickly entered inside, closing the door with his foot.

Placing it on the bed, Ryan was growing more eager to inspect the Grovyle blades. He stepped in front of his work desk and opened the top right drawer. Ryan fished around in it for a bit and pulled out an exacto blade. Closing the drawer, Ryan quickly went back to the bed and looked for a good place to slice open the box. However, Ryan noticed that there was nowhere in which he could do so. No gaps or anything.

"This fucker keeps getting weirder." Ryan said out loud.

Sighing, Ryan simply stabbed the box with the blade, creating a hole that lead right into the box. He threw the exacto blade onto the bed and began tearing apart the top part of the box. Eventually, he tore enough off to see the contents inside, and Ryan was instantly amazed and stunned on what he saw. He reached in the box and pulled the contents out of it to inspect it further.

The leaf blades looked and felt very real to Ryan. The forest green stuck out in the light as he rubbed the edge of one of the blades and noticed that they were surprisingly sharper than he would imagine it to be. Ryan was also amazed as he noticed the material it was made out of wasn't plastic or metal. It felt smooth and firm; a material that Ryan was oblivious to. Even the bands to keep them on his wrists were made from the same material.

Looking into the box, he noticed that there was a single piece of paper in the box. He put the blades in one hand and reached into the box with his other one to retrieve the paper. Ryan was once again confused, for the words on the paper were plain. No bordering, no fine print. Nothing but a simple message on the paper. Ryan spoke out loud as he read.

"WARNING: Effects caused by the blades are permanent and can never be reversed. Use with caution, as the blades are a highly lethal weapon and can lead to fatality."

Ryan's eyes widened on the slightly disturbing text. His mind was in a fuzz on the permanent effects part of the text. Although slightly hesitant, he still wanted to put them on anyways. Ryan tossed the paper back into the box and began trying to put the blades on. He instantly realized that getting them would be a bit of a challenge, due to the fact that the bands were very narrow. Ryan pulled the gap in the bands as far as they can go and squeezed his wrist into them. In a matter of minutes, Ryan had successfully equipped the blades.

The tightness of the bands seemed to constrict both of his hands. However, Ryan was still able to have control of his hands. He lashed his left arm out and felt the blade seemingly cut the very air around it. As he continued to slash the air in a variety of moves, Ryan felt that the bands of the blades were getting tighter, as if it were constricting him like a python. It got to the point in which it began to get an itchy feeling to it.

"Ah, fuck it. I can mess with these later." Ryan said, grasping onto one of the bands.

However, he noticed that it wasn't there anymore. In confusion, he looked at both of his wrists and was shocked on what he saw. Both of the bands had vanished but the blades were still in place. Ryan's eyes were wider than watermelons on the sight of it all. The blades appeared to be going into his skin, as if it were a part of him. Gulping, Ryan tugged down on one of the blades and received a small jolt of pain from the top part of the blades.

"No way." Ryan said out loud, looking at the blades he can call his own.

Before Ryan could do anything else, he began to notice the area in which the bands used to be were beginning to turn green and was spreading up to his hands and down his arms towards his elbows and shoulders. Ryan simply stared in awe as both of his arms and hands turned fully green in a matter of seconds, also changing the texture and feel of his skin at the same time.

Suddenly, a strange sensation erupted in Ryan's hands, as he held both of them out in front of him. As the tone of his skin became greener, Ryan saw that his fingers were beginning to deform. His thumbs began to become blunter and smaller, slowly turning into stubs as they grew back into his hands.

As his thumbs vanished, the remaining fingers on his hands began to fuse into each other. Ryan was surprised that he didn't feel anything other than a strange sensation pulsing from his hands. Once his fingers became two, the nails on them vanished and the fingers grew slightly, widening near the base which caused the lower part of his hand to shorten a bit and the ends of his fingers becoming much sharper.

'Well, I know what the permanent affect is now.' Ryan said, smirking and gazing upon his new Grovyle hands.

The sensation that Ryan felt in his hands began to pulse into his arms, invoking changes to happen rather quickly. Ryan felt both of his arms become noticeably shorter in the upper part of his arm, leaving the arm length below his elbow its normal length. He tried to pull his shirt off without ripping it, but a sudden extruding feeling in his elbows delayed him from doing so. Looking at his elbows, he saw a small protrusion on each of them. Finally, Ryan's shoulders shrank a consirable amount, making the sleeves on his shirt very loose.

Ryan felt the sensation move into his neck and head, instantly starting changes as his neck began to change colors. The front side of his neck turned a bright red while the backside turned the same tint of green as on his arms and hands. Once the skin on his neck was fully changed, it lengthened slightly, making him a good six inches taller than before. Ryan smirked as he felt the skin on his head start to change.

As Ryan's skin began to turn green and red, the entire shape of his skull began to change, starting with his mouth and nose. Ryan's upper and lower jaw began to grow outwards a large amount, taking his nose with it as it flattened and became simple nostrils. As Ryan's teeth fell out, his lower jaw turned red while his upper jaw turned green. Ryan's head was now more stream lined, making his eyes on separate sides of his head. However, Ryan felt that he was unable to open his mouth for a brief moment due to the changes still occurring to his head.

The world around Ryan suddenly turned black, as his vision was cut due to his eye starting to change. Both of his eyes grew larger in overall size, becoming slightly more trapezoidal. Next, the white in his eyes turned a striking yellow while his iris turned pure black, widening slightly. As Ryan's vision returned, he saw that the area around him was much different than looking through human eyes. Everything seemed to stand out more, creating a sharper and more detailed image.

Finally, Ryan felt all of the hair on his head pop out and slowly fall to the floor. Ryan smirked, for he knew what was coming next. A large protruding sensation suddenly erupted from the top-back side of his head. The forest green leaf grew to quite a large length, stopping just above the floor. Ryan felt the newly formed head leaf tug himself backwards quite a bit, as his head was fully changed in one of a Grovyles.

"This is amazing." Ryan said out loud, his voice considerably different.

The sensation began to fill in his torso, leaving Ryan with little time to act. Rather than taking off his shirt, Ryan simply used his leaf blade to tear it off in order to observe the changes happening to him. Red skin quickly spread across his chest and belly, a green stripe forming across his lower torso. The skin on his back quickly turned green as the changes progressed onwards.

Ryan's chest narrowed a good amount while his belly grew slightly rounder. However, he felt the sensation suddenly escape into his legs. Ryan quickly wiggled around and sat on the ground in order to remove his pants. As he removed them, he saw that his legs were already green. The upper part of his legs shrank and sunk into the torso a large amount while his lower legs also shrank, taking a large amount off of Ryan's height. Ryan's upper legs then proceeded to widen a good amount, adding a lot of muscles into it.

The lower part of Ryan's legs narrowed slightly as the sensation began to pulse inside of his feet. Ryan watched as his feet began to deform. Both of his feet shrank while his toes merged into two separate parts, dividing themselves farther apart from each other and growing into claws similar to the ones on his hands. Ryan flexed the two claws in his green feet, smirking once again on the feel of them.

Finally, the sensation moved into his lower back, triggering the final change. Ryan looked behind himself and watched in joy as a pair of forest green leaf tails quickly grew out of himself. Once they were done growing, Ryan flexed his new tails to get the blood flowing through them.

Pushing himself back onto his feet, Ryan realized how much shorter he had gotten. The mattress on his bed was a few inches above him, making him feel small. However, he didn't care for the fact that he was small. He was a real life Grovyle, and he was overflowing with joy and happiness. He could finally forget his dreaded school life and begin anew.

However, he had forgotten all about Corey.

"Shit. I gotta go check up on him." Ryan whispered to himself.

Ryan knew that he had the abilities and powers of a Grovyle. He knew that they had good agility and can jump rather high. Ryan thought of a way to leave the house without starting any suspicion. He decided to leave a note for his parents. He made his way over to the desk and hopped up on it. The Grovyle fished around in the drawers and retrieved a piece of paper and a pen.

Ryan knew it would be incredibly difficult to write with two fingered hands, so he tried his best to keep the note simple. "I am sleeping over at Corey's place tonight. Not sure when I'll be back." The words were sloppily written, but it was eligible enough for one to read. Ryan hopped over to his bed and put the piece of paper on the pillow.

'Alright, now how am I going to get to Corey's without anyone flipping shit on seeing a real life Pokémon?' Ryan thought, flexing his tails.

A large woods ran behind Ryan's house. Corey and him used to play around in it all the time, considering it was over five miles big and took up nearly half the town. Ryan also knew that the woods lead to Corey's house. Bingo. Ryan hopped over to his bedroom window, looking outside upon the near darkened sky. He unlocked the latch holding the window down and used all his might to push the window open enough for him to squeeze out of.

As Ryan made his way onto the roof of his house, he saw a large branch that looked like something he could hop onto. Ryan concentrated for a bit, and then proceeded to leap out to the branch. He noticed that he made it onto the branch with pure and total ease. Smirking, Ryan began to navigate through the woods on the high up branches.

Feeling eccentric, Ryan never felt so alive and natural before. The wind passed through his leafs and across his smooth skin felt very relaxing to Ryan; he knew he could get used to being a Grovyle forever. He felt as though he can connect to the very nature around him using his new abilities.

After leaping from branch to branch for a while, Ryan eventually made it to Corey's house. He crept forward on a branch to get a better look inside Corey's bedroom. He saw a Grovyle with a highly concerned look on its face. Ryan knew it had already happened to Corey. Leaping onto the roof, Ryan made his way to Corey's window. Ryan lightly tapped the window, hoping to get Corey's attention.

Ryan ducked below the window and waited for Corey to open it. A shuffling sound came from the window, as the Grovyle peeked his head out the window.

"Hello?" Corey said, his voice almost like Ryan's.

"Corey. It's me, Ryan. It happened to me as well." Ryan said, appearing out of the shadows.

"Holy fuck you scared me!" Corey shouted, letting Ryan inside of his room.

"Yeah. This is pretty cool though, isn't it?" Ryan said, sitting on the window sill.

"Dude, what the fuck are we going to do now? We're stuck like this forever."

"The woods, bro. It's our new home." Ryan said, nudging his head back towards the woods behind him.

"Well, I guess it will do. I should start thinking about the good sides of this happening." Corey said, stepping up to the window.

"It's fun as hell to hop around on the branches. It's how I got here."

"Wow, really? Neat." Corey paused. "Well, we got a new life to live. Let's not waste any time."

"Yeah, let's go." Ryan said, exiting the window onto the roof, Corey following him.

And with that, the two Grovyles took off into the woods to begin the rest of their lives together.
Sorry this took me a bit. Got caught up on a few parts but I made it through.

:iconchamploon: Requested this.

To be honest, it wasn't that bad in my opinion. I rushed the ending but still, it's an okay story. I don't think Ryan or Corey will want refunds though. XD

Grovyle (C) Nintendo
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